HGH Internal Rules

HGH Internal Rules:

Key Message to all Patients, Patients’ Families, and All Visitors:

As part of its internal rules, instructions or regulatory policies, take note of the following: –

  • Discharge of patient is not allowed after 10:00 pm at night-time.
  • Daily cleaning of the Hospital Wards is between 6:00 am to 7:00 am every morning, and so the relatives or people staying with the patients are obliged to get up early and make their sleeping mattresses and possessions and put aside in order to facilitate cleaning.
  • Keep the Hospital clean and handle all things of waste properly putting them in the waste baskets in the Wards or allocated places within the Hospital.
  • Clinical rounds/handover rounds start at 8:00am in the Morning Shift.
  • Handle all the types of HGH belongings, facilities, devices, equipment, and fittings with proper care, and protect them from damage when using.
  • Chewing Khat, smoking, bringing or drinking alcohol and all kinds of drugs are prohibited and cannot be tolerated inside wards, offices, and within the compound.
  • HGH is non-smoking environment, and make sure to support creating healthy smoking-free environment for the community.
  • Do not bring cigarettes or Khat to patients in the Hospital. If an in-patient or out-patient is found smoking or chewing Khat, the patient’s medical case process may be cancelled and the patient be asked to leave the Hospital, and other legal actions will take against the In-charge Nurses.
  • Do not blow horns, listen to smartphone or sounds loudly within the Hospital premises.
  • All kinds of physical or verbal violence, threatening behaviour, assault, sexual or other types of harassments are totally prohibited, and intolerable, and committing them will lead to legal punishment according to Law;
  • Do not take photographs record video or audio with smartphone or using cameras within the Hospital for privacy protection and safety unless for authorized purposes.