HGH Key Employees Categories IN Figures (Year 2019)

HR Categories Number
Directors 6
Heads of Sections 27
Wards Managers 21
Physicians/Doctors 135
Surgeons 13
Pharmacists 17
Technicians 20
Clerical Staff 6
Therapists 3
Professional Nurses 71
Associate Professional Nurses 222
Professional Midwives 21
Other Skilled Staff 101
Skilled Volunteers (Unpaid) 14
Auxiliary Staff 6

Role of HGH Health Committee

  • Coordinate cooperation of the Hospital and the  community
  • Make fundraising for the Hospital within the local community
  • Conduct monitoring and evaluation on the functioning efficiency of the Hospital
  • Assist in improving coordination with partners, donors and stakeholders
  • Provide  useful ideas for the improvement of HGH quality service delivery