Core Values & Guiding Principles

HGH Core Values & Guiding Principles

HGH values integrity, professionalism, respect, excellence, teamwork, cooperation, compassion, participation, inclusiveness, accountability and operational responsibility;

  • Service: Offering unmatched service in an environment that is both responsive and healing for every patient and his/her loved ones;
  • Respect: Paying attention to patients’ rights to privacy, confidentiality, and personal information;
  • Excellence: Continuous improving performances for quality service delivery and acting on patients’ feedback and suggestions to go beyond the community’s expectations in excellence;
  • Teamwork: High team spirit, collegiality, collaboration, cooperation, and openness between and among all HGH Employees, between patients and personnel, nurses, clinical professionals, and specialists collegiality, collaboration, openness and cooperation;
  • Cooperation: Between and among HGH Employees, Officials, Patients, community members, private and public stakeholders and other organizations to enhance health status of the people in Somaliland;
  • Staffing: Diversity, equal treatment, procedural fairness, orientation, ¬†continuous onboarding, and appraisals.