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Overview of Hargeisa Group Hospital

Built in 1951 by the British Administration, Hargeisa Group Hospital (HGH) is the main public hospital situating in the Capital City, Hargeisa where over one million population lives, and it is the first of its kind in capacity in Somaliland as essential healthcare and referral hospital as well. HGH has a long and momentous history for over 70 years of its existence it has been serving not only the residents in Hargeisa, but also the more people coming from districts, and other regions who rely on the quality and the affordable services it provides for the citizens. The Hospital has a memorable history in relation to how it was major healthcare for the community for a long time and for instance marked by the bravery movement of UFO Volunteers in 1981 who were young members stood up to perform voluntary activities on improving HGH services but were negatively responded with a jail sentence. This history currently corresponds to the Somaliland National Youth Day annually celebrated in Somaliland.
Improving HGH functions, and service efficiency and quality has ever been an ongoing process and high commitment of the Government of Somaliland. Extensions have been added in facilities at different times by the Somaliland Government and with the cooperation of other stakeholders. New Emergency Section has been inaugurated in 2019.
The Hospital consists of six main departments, almost thirty service sections/units, and has nearly 700 employees in varied work-related professions, and categories including specilaized personnel, administrative support staff and auxiliaries as well. HGH envisions that all People in Somaliland enjoy the highest possible health status, and endeavors to ensure the provision of essential health services for all people in Somaliland. HGH averagely receives and serves over 260 patient’s visitors including, and about 20 women in labor and delivery each day.

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